New Delhi: The most engaging hopeful of Bigg Boss 11 Arshi Khan had a beau who blamed her for laying down with another person since she was sweating.

We went over a concealed film of the show , where Arshi Khan portrayed this hapless story of her unreliable ex with co-challenger Shilpa Shinde.

Arshi tells that she had bureaus of physio-treatment in numerous doctor’s facilities in Bhopal and she used to visit patients consistently and she had a sweetheart who might remain outside the healing facility sitting tight for Arshi. ARshi said that he was worried that Arshi may start an issue with the Managing Director of the healing facility. He would remain outside and watch out for Arshi even in downpours. Arshi said she generally felt like she was screwed over thanks to this individual.

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One day Arshi was returning down the stairs to her specialty in the wake of checking a patient and she was sweating becasue it was hot inside the ward. At the point when her sweetheart saw her sweating he slapped her inside the healing center. He blamed her for laying down with some person since she was sweating. Arshi at that point parted ways with the man.

She said that later on she slapped him back.

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