Beyhadh written episode, June 20, 2017: Ayaan plans to destroy Maya’s life


The scene of Beyhadh begins with Ayaan terrifying Maya by getting his companions the getup of cops. Maya gets frightened believing that everything will be devastated in her life now.

Beyhadh composed scene, June 19, 2017: Maya is six months pregnant and Arjun is upbeat at her godh bharai service

Ayaan at that point whispers something in Maya’s ear and tells everybody that it was a trick. Everybody is upbeat and they appreciate the occasion.

After at some point, Sanjh comes there and Arjun goes to embrace her. Maya gets furious seeing this. She thinks about the time when Arjun left her for Sanjh. She goes to Sanjh as everybody conceives that Maya will accomplish something incorrectly now.

Be that as it may, she embraces Sanjh and says sorry to learn. She requests that Sanjh pardon her. Arjun at that point takes Maya inside the room and requests that her take her prescriptions.

Then again, Ayaan discloses to Sanjh that he is not going to leave Maya so effortlessly. Vandana comes in the middle of and requests that Ayaan overlook the past as Maya is changed at this point. Ayaan reveals to Vandana that a ladies like Maya can never show signs of change herself.

Vandana gets irate and slaps Ayaan. Ayaan reveals to her that he has as of now disclosed to Maya that she is a bitch and she ruined his life. Ayaan reveals to them he can always remember what Maya did to him and he leaves from that point.

Watch this space for more updates. Beyhadh show on Sony Entertainment Television at 9 pm from Monday to Friday.

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