Beyhadh written update July 5, 2017: Arjun recalls the whole incident and tells to Sanjh


The most recent scene of Beyhadh begins with Arjun contemplating the entire occurrence. Sanjh strolls in and she slaps Arjun. She asks him for what good reason did he execute Maya when he guaranteed her that he won’t do anything like that.


Beyhadh composed refresh, July 4, 2017: Arjun admits he slaughtered his significant other Maya

Sanjh asks him what all happend that night. Arjun tries to review everything and he begins disclosing to her that Maya was looking exceptionally energized that night and Arjun was not ready to perceive any dread. He discloses to Sanjh that Maya revealed to him what whatever she fouled up.

Beginning from Vandana’s murder that how she was asking forever and Maya executed her. She disclosed to him how she confined Ayaan’s assault scene as Ayaan was just attempting to help his sibling. Also, even in the wake of returning from imprison Ayaan attempted to indicate Arjun the truth of Maya that is the reason she attempted to slaughter him.

He tells how Maya did the fake pregnancy when she pointed the finger at Sanjh for her mmiscarriage. Arjun reveals to Sanjh that Maya not just attempted to complete his holding with his family however she even slaughtered her dad Ashwin and she attempted to execute her mom Janvi additionally yet Arjun spared her.

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Arjun at that point reveals to her that in the wake of hearing this he got furious and pushed Maya holding her neck but since of the marbles on floor he tumbled down alongside Maya and got oblivious. He says that time just Maya kicked the bucket as her head hit the table corner.

Sanjh reveals to Arjun that she and his family attempted to demonstrate Maya’s existence to him commonly however he was frantically infatuated with her. Sanjh at that point considers this and she discloses to Arjun that something isn’t right since this occurrence is not all that basic as we are supposing it to be.

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