Bigg Boss 11, Day 83 Live updates: Arshi Khan gets evicted from the house


In this scene of Bigg Boss, following seven days loaded with battles and errands, the hopefuls will get into the christmas soul as a mystery Santa will get presents for the contenders.

Its Weekend Ka Vaar and Salman Khan will be back with some more dramatization in the scene. Salman will report the main semifinalist of the demonstrate this end of the week.

10:45PM: Hina and Shilpa discuss VIkas’ diversion being ruined at this point. Shilpa converses with Vikas and says that Arshi had an extremely awful dialect which was not appropriate for TV. Vikas says that Shilpa is extremely awful to talk such things about Arshi. Salman invites Arshi on the stage and she cannot trust that got out without making the main five. Arshi says that Vikas is gone now and he has nobody gone out. Arshi acclaims Shilpa and wishes that she wins the show.

10:40PM: Shilpa says that Arshi would go out as a result of her conduct. Puneesh conceives that he will go out this week. Akash and Priyank additionally figure Puneesh will go. Luv says that Arshi will go as she is playing on Vikas’ guidelines. Hina says that she supposes Puneesh will go out. Salman tells Priyank and Luv that they are protected. Salman says that Arshi Khan has been ousted from the house. The contenders say farewell to Arshi and Shilpa gets passionate. Akash embraces Puneesh. Vikas additionally gets passionate for Arshi. Arshi separates before leaving the primary entryway.

10:35PM: Hina clarifies what occurred in the undertaking. Hina says that she needed to be the chief however was asking why Priyank picked Shilpa’s name. She says that Shilpa was her first decision for captaincy. Priyank raises a point and Hina can’t help contradicting him. Vikas advises Hina not to get so furious. Hina insults Vikas and says that she isn’t irate. Salman asks the contenders whom they think will get ousted for the current week. Arshi says that Puneesh may go out. Vikas says that Puneesh or Arshi may go.

9:30PM: Luv says that he picked Hina as Priyank may have offered need to Vikas later. Priyank says that he realized that individuals’ weaknesses are back at this point. Shilpa says that she needed to remain in the platform yet she gave Hina the shot after Bigg Boss gave them a restricted time. Salman inquires as to whether she feels Akash and Puneesh were baffled in her. Shilpa at that point legitimizes her activities. Vikas says that Shilpa would not like to take such a pressure and calls Shilpa an extremely giving individual.

9:25PM: VIkas legitimizes his activity and says that it was Shilpa’s bring at last. He says that she settled on the correct decision as Hiten was an opposition for her. Salman asks VIkas how he wound up in the Jail. Hina and Shilpa say that they got frightened when Vikas bounced on them. Salman tells the challengers that the removal will happen today itself. Salman says that Shilpa, Puneesh and Vikas are sheltered. The guest of the week asks Luv about for what reason he made Hina the commander if Priyank was his first decision.

9:20PM: Salman sends a folder case and documents for VIkas as he was irate at Hina for remarking on his garments. Salman gets some information about VIkas’ arrangement. She says that since Hiten has left, Vikas has turned out to be extremely near Priyank. Puneesh says that since Akash tossed Vikas’ egg, Vikas wind up noticeably discouraged. Shilpa says that Vikas needed Hiten to remain over Luv. Puneesh ridicules Vikas. Salman says that Vikas resembles a dozing lion and a dozing lion shouldn’t be stirred. Vikas says that he is dismal that Hiten got expelled. Salman at that point gets some information about the chit he found. Luv says that he supposes the note was for Priyank.

9:15PM: Salman at that point discusses the plotting of Nominations and ridicules the contenders. The contenders point the finger at Luv for starting the arranging of the Nominations. Vikas at that point says that Puneesh started the exchange. Salman says that the contenders thought of the gathering of people as boneheads. Salman acclaims Hina and requests that her get things from the store room. He additionally adulates his outfit.

9:10PM: The competitors open their endowments and are thrilled to get blessings from each other. Luv converses with Hina about Puneesh not getting a blessing. Hina gave Puneesh a blessing from her end. Salman at that point tends to the competitors. Salman ridicules Akash who skilled Hina eggs. Shilpa says that she needed to blessing Puneesh and Akash however she didnt have anything to give and subsequently she gave another dress to Arshi.

9:05PM: Salman Khan respects the gathering of people to the Weekend Ka Vaar scene. Salman wishes everybody a Merry Christmas and after that discussions about the assigned competitors. He is disturbed about the candidates plotting the selections. He at that point demonstrates a recording of the Secret Santa festivities inside the house. The candidates wake up to a Hindi Christmas Carol.

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