BIGG BOSS 11: HILARIOUS ! Luv Tyagi does THIS to make Priyank laugh


New Delhi: The extravagance spending BB lab undertaking of Bigg Boss 11 is raising the amusement remainder of the show.The housemates are isolated into two gatherings of researchers and robots. The robots should be emotionless and the researchers need to conjure feelings in them . The robots need to give no responses by any means.

The undertaking took the most intriguing turn when the group of Hina, Priyank,Hiten and Akash were the robots and the contrary group of Shilpa, Arshi,Vikas and Luv needed to influence them to snicker.

The researchers attempted a wide range of comical tricks to influence them to giggle. Every one of the robots had chuckled with the exception of Priyank who was controlling his snicker since long. Luv Tyagi stuffed apples in his tee-shirt to influence it to look like bosoms and offered them to Priyank. At the point when Priyank saw this he couldn’t control his giggling. The robots demonstrated feelings and lost the assignment.

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