Bigg Boss Tamil accused of tarnishing Tamil culture, Hindu Makkal Katchi files complaint Kamal Haasan


The main ever Bigg Boss Tamil is gotten in discussion

Only half a month since first Bigg Boss Tamil was propelled, and the show known for making debate is stuck in an unfortunate situation.

Hindu Makkal Katchi has recorded objection against the host of the show Kamal Haasan for discoloring Tamil culture. They have even requested the capture of the members. The main scene of the show was circulated on July 25. The whiz stunned numerous as he ventured in as a host and stated, ” This show is a social analysis, that is the reason I am doing it.”

Back in the time of March, a similar periphery aggregate had recorded a PIL against Kamaal Haasan for his censorious remarks on Mahabharata.

Kamal Haasan

Kamal Haasan hammers the administration for demanding GST and other higher expenses

Kamal Haasan as of late raised his voice against 30 percent GST by the state governmen. Being one of the most honed voice of Tamil Nadu, the whiz stated, , “Our neighboring states like Kerala have completely ceased from exacting any longer state-assess on film far beyond GST. The film business asked for the CM of Kerala Mr Pinarayi Vijayan and he through his Finance Minister immediately declared that Kerala won’t be demanding any more assessments on the as of now ambushed film business. Karnataka has gone much further to encourage the prosperity of the film Industry. Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are likewise doing their best for their film enterprises.” The on-screen character of the majority cautioned of a stewing discontent in the Tamil film industry. “All groups of the business are disturbed. I am attempting my best as any sensible individual of the business to keep up solidarity and not play under the control of any self-serving and covetous legislator.” The on-screen character included, “Film industry is one among the numerous enterprises suffocated by the predominant systemic debasement in the state. I envision much more grounded dissents soon.”

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