Chandan Prabhakar returns to ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, says ‘Kapil is his best friend’


New Delhi: Kapil Sharma’s old companion and associate Chandan Prabhakar is coming back to The Kapil Sharma Show. This could come as a breather for Kapil as them two had an aftermath and now accommodated.

He has apparently shot his rebound scene and plans to get back the adoration he got from the famous show.

To take you back to what had caused the part, an intoxicated Kapil Sharma had struck, verbally manhandled Chandan Prabhakar and Sunil Grover locally available a flight from Australia to Mumbai.

Sunil at that point chosen to stop the show and communicated his hatred on Twitter.

In a video message, Prabhakar said Kapil is his closest companion and said it required some investment for him to recoup from the duel.

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Discussing how Kapil attempted to influence him to return, Prabhakar told amusement entryway Spot Boye, “He called me commonly. He went to my home with his family to see my infant girl and meet my family. So I understood that I ought not hold resentment forever.”

He didn’t know however of Sunil Grover’s arrival.

Prabhakar any expectations of being showered with more love in the show with Kapil.

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