Chetan Hansraj returns to TV as a tantrik


On-screen character Chetan Hansraj whom we have last observed in Chandra Nandini has returned to activity in the prevalent show Mahakaali Anth Hi Arambah Hai. Chetan will play a negative character of an Aghori Tantrik Malla.

Talking on the look and part Chetan says,”The character has a remarkable look. For different parts I take 10 minutes to prepare however this look is taking roughly one and a half hours. Also, once you get into the look you know why it requires so much investment. You are totally in that zone. I would state its crazy.The part is exceptionally solid.”

Talking on planning, he says, “I would state my look, is really helping me a considerable measure. I likewise read about my part. The look is propelled from John Sparrow.”

Chetan who used to be a piece of numerous huge day by day cleansers misses them in his vocation now. So we asked him what is the greatest change he has seen throughout the years? “Truly not a lot, yes prior I used to shoot in suburbia of Mumbai however now we are shooting for Mahakali in Umargaun which is very far. The separation has expanded.”

Chetan has played negative characters. Talking on that Chetan says,”I have constantly played the negative parts as I trust that is my specialty as a performing artist. As a performer, I am exceptionally engaged and tolerant on the grounds that in our industry some of the time there is less work and no work stage so one ought not lose the core interest. I continue propelling myself and furthermore continue having confidence in myself. I generally feel my work should talk for me.”

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