Eijaz Khan keen on doing negative roles


While numerous performing artists ache for time off, on-screen character Eijaz Khan isn’t one of the them. The performing artist, who was most recently seen in the show Moh Ke Dhaage, has not been shooting for some time. He misses it horribly and can hardly wait to have returned to work once more. “The most recent day of shooting was August fourteenth. When I am not working or when I am not acting or shooting, I get exhausted. Throughout the previous 15 years, my days have been contained awakening, shooting, returning and when I am not doing that I believe I am not myself. As of late, I had a gathering and I understood I should continue working in light of the fact that my dad says when you quit working, you develop old. I should go to Moscow and New York however then I chose first I will sign something and after that if time allows in the middle of, I will go out,” he says.

Ask him what he needs to do now, and he says, “Principally, I need to do the sort of work that keeps me occupied. I don’t care for being without anyone else’s input. I think I am finished with the dehati (rustic) spell now, I would need to accomplish something breathtaking and gorgeous. I sort of miss myself like that. I would need to get occupied on an every day cleanser. On the off chance that there is a dark shade to my character, I would love.”

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The on-screen character has been a piece of the business since a while now and says that it has changed a great deal. “Since my show Kavyanjali, a ton has changed. I think the greatest change is that I don’t see life span in performers. I don’t really reprimand them, the makers need new faces and they don’t put such a great amount in that newcomer as Balaji did in us. We were given open doors on numerous occasions yet lamentably for these new children, you simply get one and two shows and an insignificant blip on a few people’s radar. Having said that, there are a great deal of children who have come up and transformed into great performing artists, bravo. There is an even development in directs and in the quantity of shows. Prior, I recollect the life span of the show was ensured for a specific period however nowadays a show gets pulled off so soon,” he says.

Ask of now the on-screen character needs to avoid reality appears. “I don’t think in the event that I truly need to do reality appears. I am better of as an on-screen character and worse of as acting myself,” he says.

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