Kumkum Bhagya written update, December 7, 2017: Simonika tries to kill Abhi


The scene of Kumkum Bhagya starts with Simonika choosing to cut Abhi. She stops and feels that she will get got. At that point she considers covering Abhi’s face with a pad and tries to gag him with it. As she tries to choke out him she says that he needs to hold up under the torment as he too murdered her sweetheart and this is his karma. When Abhi practically quits breathing, the medical attendant comes in. She requests that Simonika avoid him and cautions her that she will summon the police right. Simonika cries and asks for kindness. She tells how Abhi executed her darling before her eyes and consequently she attempted to slaughter him. She says that she acknowledges her slip-up. Simonika at that point puts a cushion on the medical attendant’s face too and chokes out her as well.

Later on, Simonika sees that Abhi is as yet breathing yet before she could have a go at murdering him once more, Dadi, Dasi and Alia come into his space to keep an eye on him. Dadi discloses to Alia that she needs to meet the specialist and know when Abhi will be fine. Alia chooses to go and discover the attendant however Simonika stops her. Alia approaches Simonika to go and search for a medical attendant or a specialist.

Simonika approaches Pragya and says that she is the superwoman in Abhi’s life. She says that she will execute Abhi at any cost and that she will end her life also. While Simonika continues talking, all of a sudden Pragya opens her eyes. In any case, she swoons again soon and Simonika expect that Pragya hasn’t heard anything. Continue watching this space for all the more such updates.

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