Kundali Bhagya written update August 9, 2017: Srishti calls Sarla her mother


In the most recent scene of Kundali Bhagya, Preeta is seen conversing with Srishti and disclosing to her how Sarla acted the hero when the world betrayed them. Srishti rings home to express gratitude toward her mom and when Dadi goes to the call, the previous inquires as to whether her mom is at home. Dadi is astonished as they call her Sarla Maa and requests that her say it once more. When she begins portraying the whole episode, Akshay and her family touches base at Luthra house and she puts down the telephone.

Preeta expresses gratitude toward Rishabh for all that he accomplished for her and considers revealing to him her whole story, however stops as she feels that it would be of no enthusiasm to him. Rishabh is cheerful and imagines that he didn’t comprehend anything, however is upbeat about whatever Preeta said and clears out.

Akshay and his family is welcomed by Rakhi on the passage, when Kareena approaches and apologizes to the visitors for Kareena’s antiquated welcome. Akshay and her folks compliment Kritika for her outfit and adornments, when she calls Preeta and gives her the acknowledgment for it.

Karan, Sameer and Akshay are then observed drinking together at the bar when Karan says that he would preferably remain single than being hitched to a lady perpetually, in any case he says that Akshay can’t do that to his sister as he will dependably be content with her.

Sofia goes to the gathering with her family and calls for Karan and discloses to Kritika that she is infatuated with her more youthful sibling. Kritika sees Rishabh gazing at Preeta and reveals to him that she has seen it and advises the same to Preeta also.

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