Kundali Bhagya written update, December 11, 2017;- Prithvi decides to kill Janki


The most recent scene of Kundali Bhagya starts with Karan driving back and feeling terrible considering Prithvi holding Preeta’s hand. Karan tries to get Preeta crazy.

Preeta too contemplates Karan while backpedaling home with Prithvi. She considers how Karan still does not trust Prithvi despite the fact that he has apologized to her mom Sarla.

Sarla looks for pardoning from Prithvi however her more youthful little girl Srishti hinders and says that Sarla should stop now.

Rishabh gets Sherlyn for shopping and brings her with him to the Arora house. He says he needs to offer pharmaceuticals to Janki. Sherlyn is upbeat as she would get the opportunity to see Prithvi. Prithvi needs to see Janki and dadi takes him in. Later he inquires as to whether the fire episode was not a mishap but rather an arranged move. Dadi guarantees that it was a mishap.

Prithvi chooses to murder Janki. Karan achieves home to get some answers concerning Sherlyn and Rishabh’s marriage getting pre-poned. He gets stressed and Kareena sees this. Karan is stressed thoroughly considering how to uncover Sherlyn. For more updates continue watching this space.

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