Kundali Bhagya written update, October 19, 2017: Preeta’s wedding gets fixed; Karan gets angry


The scene starts with Preeta meeting her prepare, Prithvi. He inquires as to whether she at any point had any sweetheart. Preeta reveals to him the truth of how she practically got drew in and the engagement broke as the prepare’s family had levels of popularity. Karan trusts that Preeta enlightens Prithvi concerning her broken engagement and wishes that Prithvi cancels the wedding.

Srishti is stunned hearing his peculiar wish. Karan gets bothered on intuition how to break the wedding. Prithvi finds a great deal of normal things amongst himself and Preeta. He persuades her and consoles a strained Preeta. He additionally informs her regarding his past relationship. The marriage is practically settled. Srishti sees Karan truly agitated and ponders what isn’t right. Karan reveals to Sameer that no one but he can deal with Preeta.

Prithvi says yes for the marriage. Karan gets stunned while and Preeta gets irritated. Karan and Preeta take a gander at each other. Srishti ponders what is with them. Kareena discloses to Rishabh that Sherlyn has watched a quick for him. Rishabh requests that Sherlyn stop this quick as he doesn’t care for her tormenting herself. Rishabh goes to converse with his mom. Kareena praises Sherlyn for playing brilliant. Sarla and her family praises the glad news while Karan gets exceptionally exasperates and Preeta bit strained. Srishti salutes her sister. Karan gets furious. Karan sends Srishti away saying that he needs to converse with Preeta alone. Srishti leaves and Karan reveals to Preeta that he realizes that she too is aware of what he needs to state. Both remain mum taking a gander at each other. she knows what he needs to advise her. He holds her and they have an eyelock. To be contoiued.

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