Porus written update, December 19, 2017: Puru comes to know that Sajjan is not his father


In the most recent scene of Porus, Sajjan Singh’s mom reveals to her child Hasti to not wander towards Paurav Rashtra but rather the last says it is his dad’s choice and he should comply.

Hasti’s mom gets furious and asks Puru for what valid reason doesn’t he go to Pruru Rashtra and extra Hasti. Puru reveals to her that he needed to go however their dad Sajaan Singh asked Hasti. She is stunned to know this and asks Puru for what valid reason is he generally after her child. She is going to disclose to him reality however is halted by Sajjan Singh. She drops the bowl of kheer and contends with her better half. Puru exits with the rest of the bowl of kheer.

Sajjan Singh reprimands his better half to ask to send Puru rather than Hasti. She reveals to him she wouldn’t like to lose her exclusive child. In the interim, Puru serves kheer to Hasti. He appreciates it and requests more. Hasti expresses gratitude toward Puru for giving him the chance to go to Pourav Rashtra. He at that point goes to meet Sumer. Puru reviews his mom’s words.

Porus on-screen character Sameksha Singh endures consumes while shooting

While Sajjan Singh and his better half are in showdown with each other about the legitimate beneficiary to the honored position, Puru hears Maa speaking sick about him and scrutinizing his dad about his dead mother. This abandons him stunned and upset.

He goes for a walk lost in his idea, reviewing the circumstances his mom abuseed him and rebuffed him, while she saved Hasti for every one of his mix-ups. He comes to the Jhelum and takes a plunge in the water.

Somewhere else in Macedonia, we are indicated Alexander is seen riding his steed to the front line.

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