Porus written update November 29, 2017: Anusuya tricks Darius and Bamni


In the most recent scene of Porus, Anusuya is broken to discover that Bamni wedded her for looking for exact retribution. She ponders what to do next when Darius strolls up to her.

He offers to help her and says he will consolidate his armed force with Takshashila’s to annihilate the Pouravs. Anusuya concurs.

In the interim, Bamni is found in the royal residence proclaiming to Shiv Dutt that he has delivered retribution for his affront. Darius and Anusuya stroll inside the royal residence simply at that point.

Bamni solicits her the reason from her arrival. Anusuya discloses to her that Darius needs to look for vindicate and annihilate the Pouravs, however she won’t let that occur as regardless she longs for a United India.

Bamni takes a gander at Darius to know reality, however he lies. He reveals to Bamni that he is only a businessperson. Shiv Dutt blames Anusuya for misleading ruin their outside ties.

Porus composed refresh November 28, 2017: Bamni weds Anusuya

Shiv Dutt hauls out his sword to slaughter Anusuya yet she debilitates him. Be that as it may, at last, she surrenders herself to Bamni, and reveals to him she doesn’t want to backpedal to Takshashila.

Bamni sends her to the array of mistresses and requests that the fighters keep her in a dull room. While she is being taken, she is derided by the women in transit.

Anusuya cries oblivious room, supposing she yielded a considerable measure yet futile.

Somewhere else in Macedonia, King Philip is hailed by the general population. His fourth ruler is seen preparing yet when Philip enters she wipes her make-up to rebel against him.

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