Sasural Simar Ka written update August 11, 2017: Sanjana gets injured due to gun powder in her bangles


In the most recent scene of Sasural Simar Ka, Pari and Uma are incensed at Sanju. Heli chooses to show her a lesson. She reveals to Samir how Sanju is Simar’s shortcoming and she will utilize this against them.

Heli offers bangles to Sanju and advises her to take them as a blessing. She approaches Sanju to make halwa for them. Sanju reviews how already she had been given bangles by Samir.

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Simar and Roshni return home with Aarav and Piyush. They turn all beaten upward by the police. Maataji is staggered to take a gander at them in this condition. Simar reveals to Maataji she knows Sanju is doing it because or something to that affect of a shakedown. Simar offers cash to Roshni and its learnt that she had sold her bangles to get Aarav and Piyush out of the prison.

Keerti Gaekwad Kelkar to play the new Simar in ‘Sasural Simar Ka’

Sanju starts to cook in the kitchen yet when she lights the stove, there is an impact and Sanju’s bangles burst into flames. Samir races to her guide, despite the fact that Heli tries to stop him. They leave the kitchen and Heli requests that Pari do Sanju’s gauze. At the point when Samir reveals to Heli that they should require a specialist, Heli takes him to another room.

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Ananya points the finger at Sanju for their circumstance. Aarav concurs with her. Continue watching this space for more reports on Sasural Simar Ka.

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