Sethji’s Avinash Kumar injures foot during action scene


Avinash Kumar, who assumes the part of Bajirao – a youthful pehelwan on the show Sethji, is a dedicated proficient. The performer, who has changed himself from a lean, slender chap into a pehelwan for the part, as of late harmed himself and had a tendon tear in his left foot while shooting for an activity grouping.

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Vivek Kashyap

In spite of this damage, Avinash kept on shooting after some therapeutic care was directed and did not take the day away from work. The cast and team of the show were awed by the performer’s commitment.

Talking about the mishap, Avinash Kumar stated: “It was an exceptionally extreme scene where I needed to keep running from the wrestling field to the slopes and from that point to Sethji’s home. The street was extremely uneven, had a few knocks and strewn with rocks and rubble. To top it all, the street was wet and I needed to run unshod. I needed to demonstrate a considerable measure of hostility and criticalness and I figure I escaped and curved my lower leg and fell in the entire procedure.”

“The group individuals instantly sprang to their feet and surged in with medical aid however I was in serious torment. The group quickly took me to a healing center adjacent where the specialist inspected me and pronounced it as a tendon tear. The scene was imperative and the set-up was prepared so I chose to take painkillers and completed the succession first. Such mishaps continue happening, as a result of which one shouldn’t quit working. It will require somewhat more investment for the condition to mend yet for the present, I am simply abstaining from working out and endeavoring,” he included.

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